Project Plan

Red Line
West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Forum

Neighbourhood Plan: Project Plan

Activity Date By
WECNF Designated MAR 2013
Access to Walpole Ward Forum £1,000 grant facilitated MAY 2013
Application for Elthorne Ward Forum Grant MAY
Upgrade Web Site JUNE
WECNF Play outline JUNE
Information Leaflet Printed and Hand Distributed JUNE
Community Engagement programme completed JUNE
First AGM: election of officers 18 JUNE
Public launch 18 JUNE
Community Engagement begins JUNE
Funding initiatives begin AUG
Second Leaflet printed AUG
Play performances SEPT
Forming policy sub-committies JAN 2014
Interpreting stakeholders’ views FEB
Agreeing Vision and Aims FEB
Researching land owners in 8 Development Sites MAR
Mapping land ownership on the ground APRIL
 Commissioning local architect re creating Town centre APRIL
Completing Evidence Base APRIL
Writing to and meeting land owners – begin APRIL
Public meetings on Crossrail and Sherwood Close APRIL
Marrying members and land owner aspirations – begin MAY
NP in London Conference 2014 in Ealing 28 MAY
 Engage with WE BID MAY
Activity Date By
Meet LBE to explain WECNF spatial plan approach 4 AUG
Site allocations and policies writing – begin JAN 2015
Re-write Vision and Aims JAN
Engage professional policy writing/editing help JUNE
Apply for additional grant funding JULY
Meet land owners, lease holders, developers and local stakeholders AUG/SEPT
Create draft plan FEB 2016
Publish draft plan for informal consultation FEB
Discuss and apply feedback JUN
LPA publishes Neighbourhood Plan: six weeks consultation JULY
Discuss and apply feedback SEPT
Independent Examination NOV
Apply feedback FEB 2017
LPA or withdrawing the Neighbourhood Plan MARCH
Preparations for two referendums JUNE
Referendums AUG
Neighbourhood Plan becomes law or is rejected SEPT

Eric Leach
Draft V20:
6 June 2016

You can download the plan here.