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Castle Hill & Ealing Dean Station opened in West Ealing in 1871. By 1878, 32 trains each day took West Ealing residents to Paddington and 13 took them to Moorgate in the City. The station was re-named West Ealing Station in 1899. The rail link to Greenford was added in 1904.

An Act of Parliament in 2008 has determined that a new Crossrail station will be built in West Ealing on Manor Road. This will replace probably one of the smallest railway stations in the world which sits on the bridge in Drayton Green Road. Built some 27 years ago its appearance was part and parcel of the deal which brought Waitrose to Alexandria Road. However the sliver of land on which Crossrail apparently will operate is but 0.27 of an acre. Greenford Line trains will soon not terminate at Paddington but will terminate at West Ealing. Work on the Greenford Shuttle platforms at West Ealing is underway.
Crossrail will be a new high frequency railway service from Reading and Heathrow in the west, through central London to Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the east. Crossrail should be fully operational by 2019.

There are real concerns about the frequency of trains to Paddington between September 2016 and Crossrail becoming operational in 2019, after the Grenford trains cease to run from West Ealing to Paddington.

West Ealing Neighbours and WECNF have variously tried over the last eight years to engage with Crossrail and the London Borough of Ealing (LBE) in the design of this station and the necessary arrangements in the immediate station hinterland. We have generally got absolutely nowhere with Crossrail.

In May and June 2014 WECNF attempted to determine exactly what the Crossrail/LBE plans were and also sought opinions from local stakeholders about what they wanted. Hundreds of local residents and businesses participated in this WECNF community engagement exercise. A wide range of views emerged. It became clear in July 2014 that the only constructive route for discussion and negotiation on Crossrail West Ealing would be with LBE. WECNF began discussions with LBE on 6 August 2014.

The Crossrail West Ealing Planning Application was published in May 2015.

18 June 2015

West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Forum (WECNF)
Comments on Planning Application to London Borough of Ealing: P/2015/2638:
West Ealing Station, Drayton Green Road, West Ealing W13 0NQ.

WECNF welcomes Crossrail’s arrival in West Ealing. Our comments on this application are:

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1. Passenger access to the buying tickets is outdoors and not inside the station. This will result in an unpleasant experience for passengers when it’s raining and is a downgrading as passenger access to the current ticket counter is indoors.

2. Canopy coverage on the extended platforms is very limited and needs to be extended.

3. The relocation of the bus stop for north running buses on the narrow Drayton Green Road railway bridge will cause additional congestion. A more suitable site for this bus stop needs to be identified.

4. The visibility of the station from Drayton Green Road/Argyle Road must be taken into account and adequate signage installed.

5. Controlled pick-up and drop-off activity by private cars, taxis and mini-cabs should be controlled appropriately.

6. The external station lighting needs to be improved and more contemporary lighting with restricted light spill installed.

7. Concerns have been raised about the impact of Crossrail caused by increased vehicular traffic and congestion on Manor Road. With cars parked on both sides of the road there is barely space for cars to pass each other driving east and west.

8. Important aspects not dealt with in this Planning Application include:

i) The integration of Crossrail West Ealing with the immediate urban hinterland and especially with the town centre to the south

ii) Improvements to Jacob’s Ladder footbridge which is currently unfit for purpose.

2 July 2015

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