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Social Infrastructure

Red Line

Posh title that covers broad issues such as law & order, healthcare, pressure on local schools, childcare and leisure facilities including arts and open spaces.

As the population of our area continues to rise steeply, the construction of two major new housing estates will place a real burden on our local resources affecting both young and old alike. Do we have the facilities to care for our elderly and disabled residents? Can we work more closely together to make a safer environment that incorporates community policing and neighbourhood watch groups?

St John’s Primary School

Built in the 1970s on Felix Road immediately north of Green Man Lane Estate (GMLE) this is the only state primary school situated in our Neighbourhood Area. The school is regularly at full capacity – as are the two other closest state primaries at Drayton Green and Oaklands.

Maintenance costs have soared in recent years as the crumbling technology used to build the school is the same as that used in GMLE. Plans to build a new school were mooted in 2006 when the GMLE redevelopment was first proposed. West Ealing Neighbours (WEN) along with other local stakeholders were very keen on building a new bigger school. Birth rates were going up, and the building of over 700 new flats in the area was underway or in planning – not including the planned expansion of the local population at GMLE from 800 to 2,000.

Ealing Council said no and things went quiet until in 2012 we heard rumours that belated attempts were being made by the Council to ‘squeeze’ a new, bigger school into the GMLE plans. At a few hours notice of a Council Cabinet meeting on 19 March 2013 we discovered that a five storey block was mooted in which floors 1, 2 and 3 would be the new primary school and floors 4 and 5 would be flats. This caused uproar. Public consultation followed on date and thankfully the two options displayed were free standing schools with no flats on top of them.

Planning permission for the new school was granted in early 2015. WECNF is still concerned about the added congestion and parking density which the new school project will inflict in Felix Road residents.

The expanded school, due to open in September 2016, will add 30 children to each of the seven year classes. With the birth rate still increasing and Ealing Council’s ambitious home building targets in the Ealing Metropolitan Town Centre one wonders just how soon the new St John’s Primary School will reach 90% capacity (a Government directive regularly breached in all 17 Ealing Primary Schools).

18 June 2015

West London Islamic Centre (WLIC) Mosque

The WLIC mosque is located at the corner of Singapore Road and Brownlow Road. WLIC provides a wide range of community services for the Muslim community in the area. The centre is housed in a warehouse whose previous use was an equipment hire store. Planning permission was granted by Ealing Council on 30 January 2013 to build a five storey bespoke Middle Eastern style mosque on the site. The centre has a WLIC Mosque Appeal on its web site. The target is £6.3 million and we believe this target might be reached in 2016 and demolition and construction would soon follow.

The new mosque will expand worshipping capacity on Fridays and during Ramadan from 1,000 to 3,000. No worshipper car parking is in the plans and Ealing Council demolished the multi-storey car park across the road from the mosque in 2011. Car parking is chaotic already every Friday lunchtime, with much illegal parking ignored by Council enforcement officers.

19 June 2015