Local Housing Association A2Dominion has planning permission to build a new office block on the corner of Culmington Road and Uxbridge Road. Demolition of their old smaller office on the site has just been completed.

A2Dominion would like the complete closure of Culmington Road from Mattock Lane to Uxbridge Road for 18 months in order to facilitate the movement of vehicles and machinery to build the new office block. This arrangement or something similar will adversely affect local traders and have congestion implications in the area.

WECNF, local Councillors and local traders have objected to this idea. A2Dominion’s contractors Willmot Dixon representing A2Dominion seems to want to set up arrangements with Ealing Council Officers without any engagement with local Councillors, local traders or WECNF/ECNF.

We need an Environmental Impact Assessment, but Council Officers at Perceval House and executives at Willmot Dixon’s head office seem minded to ignore our request for dialogue on these issues.

4 August 2013