Levels of reported anti-social behaviour in Ealing are very high when compared to other neighbouring London Boroughs. In July 2013 there were 1,534 reports of anti-social behaviour in Ealing compared to 779 in Harrow for example. Our area is ‘mid table’ in terms of reported anti-social behaviour throughout the borough. The crime count is double that in Northfields but half that of in Greenford Broadway and Southall Broadway.

It’s clear from the feedback we have had from traders and residents in our area that crime and fear of crime are big issues. On 30 August 2013 the Forum documented these concerns and emailed them to Ealing Police and published them on our web site.

The Forum has been researching the law and order situation in West Ealing centre now for over a year. Abortive attempts to meet with senior Ealing Police Officers were made in December 2012 and September 2013.

However, on 23 September 2013 the Forum had a very useful and long meeting with London Borough of Ealing (LBE) CCTV Manager Oliver Martin about the location, functioning and future policy of CCTV in our Neighbourhood Area. On 8 October 2013 the Forum met up with Acting Ealing Police Borough Commander Nev Nolan. This was a very productive meeting and it will be, we hope, the first of a number of high level Police meetings. On 11 October 2013 we had a long meeting with Sergeant Naeem Fazal of Elthorne Ward Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) and we talked about specific problems in the Ward. Hopefully soon we will have a similar detailed meeting with Walpole Ward. Our Management Committee has decided that we will regularly attend both Elthorne Ward and Walpole Ward SNT meetings.

The Forum is still researching how the London Borough of Ealing’s Safer Neighbourhood Team operates and just how it relates to Ealing Police. We are also working closely with the West Ealing Business Improvement District (BID) initiative. The BID proposals include a number of anti-crime initiatives which have already been successfully implemented in the seven year old Ealing Broadway BID. Hopefully local traders will vote for setting up this BID in March 2014. If this initiative fails the Forum will have to look at other ways to create a sustainably safe trading environment in the centre of West Ealing.

Eric Leach
11 October 2013