Crossrail Exhibition

21 July to 14 August 2014

NLA, The Building Centre
26 Store Street
London WC1 7BT

Display panel
‘West Ealing:
Parts of the urban realm have already been upgraded as part of recent new developments in the area and these improvements will be extended as part of the Crossrail design. The proposals include innovative lighting, a statement landmark structure and a station totem to address the location of the new station on a side road. Other improvements include a new forecourt and a raised table across the carriageway to calm traffic and connect to the new forecourt with shops and the minicab office opposite; seating for those awaiting pick up; and a cycle hub providing covered space for up to 148 bikes.

Current proposals for the unused railway platforms running parallel to Manor Road include landscape or potentially container architecture. To help animate the forecourt there is space for a new pop-up café with tables and chairs. Drayton Green Road will retain its existing function, but will be treated with coloured tarmac with a full central refuge to calm traffic and aid pedestrian crossing. The bus stop to the north of Manor Road could be located to the outside of the existing station if space there can be created by demolishing the redundant ticket office.’

There is also an artist’s impression of the Manor Road scene post 2019 showing the entrance to the new station.

Eric Leach