"Save out Heritage" PetitionPetition to save the art deco “Woolworth’s” facade in West Ealing

West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Forum (WECNF) is a voluntary organisation dedicated to making the centre of West Ealing a better place to live and work. Our group, which includes ordinary members of the community as well as local traders, is currently engaged in writing a 15 year spatial plan for the area. This plan will shortly be put to public referendum and, when approved, will become enshrined in local planning law.

The plan covers all aspects of planning within West Ealing and seeks to offer guidance on the future regeneration and heritage preservation within our town centre. Further information and free membership is available on our website at www.wecnf.org although we welcome support and feedback from anyone who lives, works or visits West Ealing, whether members or not. WECNF is dismayed to discover that the Housing Association A2Dominion has recently announced plans to build a 14 storey block of flats on the old Woolworth’s site at 96-102 The Broadway. These plans include demolition of the iconic art deco Woolworth’s façade which has been a familiar landmark dominating our high street since the 1920s.

WECNF believes that this important and much loved structure should be restored and rejects the developer’s view that the facade cannot be incorporated and preserved within a new building.

Please support us by adding your name to our on-line petition.

Thank You!