Comments on Planning Application for BHS site


104 – 110 Broadway West Ealing W13 0TH

1 January 2016

1. This is not a Development Site in the London Borough of Ealing (LBE) Local Plan.

2. This site is not subject to a Site Allocation (for development) in the emerging West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Development Plan.

3. The proposed heights of the building are too high. The development will be overbearing, visually incongruous and would appear to be out of scale and context with the surrounding buildings. The nearby properties such as the West London Islamic Centre and the Singapore Road flats will be affected by daylight/sunlight, privacy and overlooking issues.

4. The allocation of Affordable Homes should be 50% to conform to the LBE housing tenure mix target.

5. There is an unacceptable reduction in ground floor retail space from 3,274 sqm (A1) space to 1,200 sqm. This is a 63% loss of space. We don’t want this reduction in retail space. This development within the centre of West Ealing should enhance and support its function as a commercial centre and must not erode or otherwise detract from it as these proposals will do. The proposed retail space reads as being ancillary to the residential units above and this is fundamentally the wrong approach for this important town centre site.

6. The on-street arrangement to the rear of the building on Singapore Road is messy. The service provision should be within the site as it is now and not displaced onto the public highway. This will cause noise and disturbance to neighbouring residential properties, including those within the new development and will have a negative impact upon the safe and convenient movement of pedestrians along the footway caused by the movement of goods to and from the site.

7. If as part of the new WLIC mosque proposals Brownlow Road is pedestrianised, then all deliveries to the site will be made from the rear. However it’s hard to imagine there will be sufficient access through the area given the proposals to increase the number of disabled parking places.

8. The massing of the development is too great. 1,385 rooms per hectare is overly excessive.

Eric Leach,
West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Forum
39, Manton Avenue,
London W7 2DY
020 8567 2011