WECNF Police Questions 9 SEPT 2013

Questions to Met Police Ealing Inspector Susan Hayward

WECNF Management Committee Meeting Monday 9 September 2013

Q1. What exactly are the Police doing to stop drug abuse and gang activity in the area? The problem stretches from Green Man Lane Estate, where another person died allegedly from an overdose last month, to the Sylvester’s stabbing and double shooting in Felix Road which have been confirmed by the police as gang related. Why do people openly deal drugs on Jacob’s Ladder? How are decent people expected to live a normal life and raise a family in this area? Does anyone care? Public perception is that the problem is getting worse by the day.

With respect to gangs in the Ealing Borough who is the right point of contact?


Q2  Chignell Place is effectively for many people a no go area in the centre of West Ealing. Car parking is chaotic and unregulated. People sit outside at a table. Many of us suspect there is drug taking and drug dealing activity in the cul de sac. Many people have walked onto the Place or just past the entrance and felt intimidated. Add to this both Green Man and Sherwood Close estates are almost no go areas, particularly at night.

The Forum is expending extraordinary efforts to improve the centre of West Ealing. For a lawless area to exist here is totally unacceptable. What do the Police intend to do to make this area lawful and safe for everyone?


Q3. Why are people still drinking alcohol in Dean Gardens and youth loitering at unsociable hours? Why does Green Man Passage fill up with empty spirit bottles and beer cans?


Q4. Mahad Hersi, a Swedish born Hayes gang member has recently been jailed for 12 years for shooting someone in the Uxbridge Road West Ealing on 16 December 2012. Witnesses tell the Forum there were around 100 people fighting from various Boroughs with various weapons found and acid was thrown.

Why did this happen in the centre of West Ealing? What are the Police doing to prevent out of area gangs choosing West Ealing centre for their battles? And why did the Met Police press release fail to communicate the seriousness of this particular incident?


Q5. Some traders tell us that they keep a baseball bat under their counters because they fear being robbed. Can this be true? How can High Street traders be made to feel safe?


Q6. St John’s Ambulance and local shop keepers near St John’s Church are complaining to the Forum about a group of youths who are harassing them. Issues involved include anti-social behaviour, child protection and early intervention with regard drugs and alcohol and weapons. These  youths are apparently users of the Ealing Council Westside Youth Centre. There has already been one shopkeeper stabbed (in May 2013) associated with Westside.


What do the Police intend to do to protect these local organisations and businesses from intimidation and attack?


There clearly needs to be some effective co-ordinated interworking between Ealing Police and Ealing Council on the management of Westside. We would value your comments on these issues.




Q7.  Dean Gardens/Sherwood Close Estate has suffered from anti-social problems for years. On 14 December 2012 these problems were aired at a Sherwood Close Residents’ Association (SCRA) meeting attended by the Forum. The  Police, Ealing Council and the Forum joined a group of local stakeholders to form some sort of Police led action group to address these problems. Sadly the group only met once on 29 January 2013 and the Forum has received only one report about progress on 22 March 2013.


Seemingly because Ealing Council is finding it very difficult to temporarily re-house tenants prior to demolition, the redevelopment project is suffering from a 6 month delay. This means that the Planning Application may not be submitted until 2014. Current challenges on the estate could well still exist until 2015/16.


The anti-social activity on the estate remains .Improved Police response times have helped. The Police respondees are not however from the Walpole Ward Safer Neighbourhood Team but from elsewhere. One of the recent responding Police groups is based in Northholt. The Forum (and SCRA) still needs what was requested in December 2012 namely that Police attend some time every Friday and Saturday evening when anti-social activity is always at its worst.




Q8. The Forum has been attempting to research just what CCTV facilities are operational in the Neighbourhood Area and how the data collected is used. Response from Ealing Council has been poor and incomplete. We wonder what help Ealing Police can give us on this topic.




Q9. Why are we being encouraged to dial 101 for petty crimes just to be told to visit our local Police Station? Where is our local Ealing Police Station going to be located. Also is there a 24 Hour Domestic Violence Support Line/Hostel for residents who are experiencing turmoil.




Q10. Neighbourhood Watch doesn’t work – no-one even bothers to follow up potential volunteers. What’s the point of reporting car crime when the police don’t have the resources to follow up?


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Q11. The Uxbridge Road , which cuts through the centre of our area, is used as a blue light Scalextric between Acton and Southall and inspires little confidence that West Ealing matters at all. Our area has a high population density with 2,000 new residents having arrived in new flats over the last eight years. Green Man and Sherwood Close will alone attract 1,400 more residents over the next 10 years.


What proposals are being considered to resource these increases? SNTs work , but only if adequately resourced. Elthorne Ward Forum is considering using delegated Ward funds to buy a small car for the local SNT. Why aren’t SNTs funded centrally across London?


Q12. Why is there no effective Pubwatch system in operation in West Ealing?




Q13. Is the reluctance of Ealing Police to provide accurate details to local journalists influenced by the Met Police’s new policy of discouraging Police communication with the press?




Q14. Can you offer us a short, simplified illustration of how the New Policing Model (implemented in Ealing this month) differs from the discredited  Sector Policing System?




Q15. The Forum feels that adequate Policing is essential to the success of neighbourhood planning – unless significant improvements are made we can be forgiven for thinking that we are all wasting our time . How can members of our Forum assist in reducing crime levels and what can be done to help people rebuild their trust in the Police and Community Safety?


Q16. The Met Police (MOPAC) planning window appears to be three years. What is the  Ealing Police strength in PCs, PCSOs and support staff is September 2013 and the projected strength for 2016?



Q17. The crime rate figures for local Boroughs in July 2013 puts Ealing’s crime count ahead of those in Hillingdon, Brent, Hounslow, Barnet, Hammersmith & Fulham and Harrow. In fact at 1,534 crimes Ealing’s crime rate is almost twice that of Harrow’s. Do you have any idea of why this is?


Q18. In the ‘Most Serious Violence’crime figures for July 2013 Walpole and Elthorne Wards are ranked 5th  and 7th respectively out of the 23 Wards in Ealing. Why do you think this is?


Q19. In early July 2013 the Forum researched a list and produced a map of the 15 public CCTV cameras in the designated Business Neighbourhood Area. Interestingly enough the spot where the 100 people affray took place in December 2012 had no CCTV coverage. (In fact there is no CCTV coverage from Chapel Road to St Leonard’s Road).

The list and map was delivered to the Ealing Community and Police Consultative Group also in early July. The Forum made it clear that it wants to discover and discuss the positioning, functionality, utility. value and use made of the CCTV coverage. So far we have had no response.


Eric Leach

V: 7

30 August 2013